Split w/ They Come In Waves

by Great Reversals

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released October 20, 2010



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Track Name: Empty Handed
upon pulpits and pedestals we crown the ethereal.
ages spent studying ghosts from worlds unknowable.
struggling with ambitions to be god, to be like god.
minds trembling, we pray to tame inclinations inconsistent
with civility.
all too aware of our impermanence, we scour Earth's ends
for presence elsewhere to prove us everlasting.
empty handed I embrace the undeniable:
the presence of death, the breath of life, immutable
truths. an agent for the present, the fire of vitality my torch to bear.
Track Name: Brass Tacks
we stare at bloodstained spears hanging on the walls
and the captions explaining their significance.
life transformed from steady hands in treacherous times
to waxing philosophical on the progress of mankind.
education aids evolution but also illuminates
the vacancy of ideals ideals unachieved.
with no clear predator hunting us without
we prey on deficiencies within.
instincts wither while we mourn the world that cannot be
(why can't it be?) no we cannot understand the meaning of life!
instincts wither while we mourn the world that cannot be
(no!) no we cannot understand the meaning of life!
and the assertions made (wishing)
to encapsulate it hollow (quickly)
under examination. (yet we)
yearn for a depth of understanding
that will give respite to our weary presence.
the value of relics rendered disputable
we seek to inhabit peace.
with a vow of silence on what is and what is not...
(our purpose!)
i claim a vital simplicity: to seek joy while breathing
(to seek joy while breathing)
i claim this vital simplicity.