Great Reversals - Demo 2009

by Great Reversals

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released November 28, 2009

aaron whitfield-vocals
alex kennedy-guitar
eric scobie-drums
sam collins-bass
and steve muczynski-guitar, vocals

demo recorded november 2009 with chris trestain.

many thanks to kyle callert and rorik brooks for their efforts in bringing the great rev to life.
also, thanks to candice, holly, stephanie, lauren, nana, & sandy for their support and sweetness.
may this recording always be in loving memory of billups...

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Track Name: A Cast Anthem
wide eyed shuffling through darkness
searching for natures,
stifling this collective nurture
self-consciousness creates

awareness that
our foundations are built
on sinking sand
capable of collapse

wholly immersed
and still fixating on
missing fragments
as our muddied eyes

refuse to see miracles
while our cemented ears
hear only noise...
only white noise

foundations built
on sinking sand
capable of collapse

yes, beauty abides
but broken bodies rarely breath it in.

help me release this iron fist
thats hell bent on punching holes
through every idea that
might be good for me

help me release this iron fist
that's hell bent on ruin
help me awaken this conscious mind
capable of creation
Track Name: All Is Arranged
infinite pipe dreams
of how life should be
broken down pondering
all the thinking, doing, and living

we should be thinking
doing and living
overwhelmed we plug into
the power strip of self

self-nullification because we know no other way
and our opinions ultimately do not matter
and our actions rarely affect the outcomes
taught that to abstain is not as vital as to create
but creating is only recycling
when all questions have been answered
all endeavors obsolete, all is arranged

when there's nothing new under the sun
and everything worthwhile has all been done
we indulge because we know no other way

tentacles outstretched
to pacify each fleeting need
a soothing embrace at the end of each day
with scattered minds we plug in and check out

we should be thinking
doing and living
yet we indulge because
we know no other way
Track Name: The Cut, The Calling
the sun rises and the sun sets
children grow bigger, families sink smaller
the trees will bloom and the leaves will fall
acquired beliefs tempered with insecurity

habits change, changes cease
severed heads of households roll
a son may rise, while some may settle
while others heed the trumpet's call
time to rearrange, as time might heal the wounds
unless the illusion of time helps us stay the same

what the fuck will it take to provoke our wills awake?
if idealism can't compensate can we allow ourselves to find

contentment in shallow breaths with squinted eyes
or celebrations where we're asked to wear neck-ties?
can life by itself bear enough fruit to sustain
our joys and our pains? is it enough?

what the fuck will it take to provoke our wills awake?
i keep telling myself it's never too late to find

the stars will shine and the stars will burn out
our hearts will someday cease to beat in the shadow of our doubts

as the pendulum swings
closer to severing
we turn our eyes inward
it's time to rearrange
to embrace change
we are not slaves
Track Name: Separation Anxiety
sifting through ashes of the things we lost in the fire
a token entry from, from a previous life reveals
the simplicity that once came without thought
a simplicity lost once so easily wrought

the things we embraced
so vibrantly paraded
our own realities
completely unique

in a sea of similarity

pages turned, the plot thickened with age
smoke filled lungs and hands soaked in gasoline
now we realize who struck the match
and now we realize who set the past ablaze

the things we embraced
so vibrantly paraded
our own realities
completely unique

the house has fallen
and now we must rebuild
the house has fallen
we're forced to rebuild

an imperfect design is set
are we worthy an architect

an imperfect design is set to aid our fall
are we worthy an architect to build on hope
are we strong enough to rid of our complicity?
Track Name: Forbearance Forthcoming
push my hands into the soil
to wrap my head around the earth
like the beasts of the land and the birds of the air
we need a regression into existences once shared

a time where hearts and hands mattered most
subsistence was standard, survival the key
the blood the of the body, the only god pondered.
the lay of the land, scarcely squandered

lives once spent giving and taking
losing the ability to give
now masters of the art of taking
blindly marching toward extinction

our muscles have healed
our callouses softened
by the machines that we have created
to carry our legacy

lands filled with landfills, sights for sore eyes
clear cut and substituted with "progress"

we know not how we fit into this schem.
what once was natural is now metaphysical

lives lost longing for epiphanies
that will crack the codes to help us live longer and more prosperous

where our hopes and dreams
our hopes and dreams are realized
with whom we live and with whom we love
the word of mouth will be our bond
and let our tongues spread the wild-fire
of our reformation

micro-choices seem hollow amidst macro-complications
all i know is: we are the problem and we are the solution
an unconscious disconnection in our capacity to co-exist
in our fragile ideas of home our amendment must start